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  • STS Pallet Dispenser

    The fully enclosed STS Pallet dispenser requires no separate fencing allowing simple installation and relocation. Designed to handle upto 20 pallets and dispensing automatically at the removal of a pallet.
  • Container Loading Scissor by STS

    Able to load a container in a single cycle this scissor lift system has dramatically reduced the time required to load a complete shipping container.
  • Goods Hoist 4 level by Safetech Tieman Solutions

    Safetech Tieman Solutions Goods Hoist Range includes upto 4 level and 10,000kg plus Capacity, as unattended, attended and as Goods Lifts for Goods and passengers
  • Truck Hoist by Safetech Tieman Solutions

    Truck Hoists by Safetech Tieman Solutions are available in various size and capacities. Avoid truck ramps and free up rental space with the STS truck hoist.